Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We're Not Even People To Eric Trump

So does Eric Trump represent the right as a whole, or the views of his father, when he told Sean Hannity last night that critics of the Trump regime don't even qualify as people to him?

Eric Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night and lashed out at those who oppose his father’s administration, saying they’re “not even people.”

Hannity introduced the segment by complaining about the mainstream media floating “baseless Russian conspiracy theories” and what he described as Democrats on the Hill searching for “any evidence of collusion,” namely the investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign’s ties to the Kremlin.

I’ve never seen hatred like this,” Eric Trump said. “I mean, to me, they’re not even people.”

Eric Trump also called the recently elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez a “total whackjob,” then decried the increase in name-calling.

“We deserve so much better than this as a country,” Eric Trump added.

I mean I've said before on a number of occasions that Republicans consider Democrats, black folks, Latinx folks, Asian folks, LBGTQ folks, etc to be second-class citizens and even that we're viewed as less than human, but this is the son of the man in the White House publicly admitting on TV that he doesn't consider his father's critics to qualify as people.

We are nothing more than what, chattel?  Animals to be exploited?  Vermin to be exterminated by the Trump regime?  This is the son of the man in the Oval Office saying that basic human rights only belong to those who support Trump, and in some parallel universe where Chelsea Clinton said this about the people who go after her parents, there would be Republican lawmakers openly calling for her arrest, if not her public execution.

But this is Trump's America now.

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