Saturday, July 15, 2017

Deportation Nation, Con't

The Trump regime is considering dramatically increasing the speed of deportation of undocumented immigrants rounded up by ICE goons as Trump's virulent nationalism turns more and more Americans into ICE informants.

The Trump administration is weighing a new policy to dramatically expand the Department of Homeland Security’s powers to expedite the deportations of some illegal immigrants.

Since 2004, the agency has been authorized to bypass immigration courts only for immigrants who had been living in the country illegally for less than two weeks and were apprehended within 100 miles of the border.

Under the proposal, the agency would be empowered to seek the expedited removal of illegal immigrants apprehended anywhere in the United States who cannot prove they have lived in the country continuously for more than 90 days, according to a 13-page internal agency memo obtained by The Washington Post.

The new guidelines, if enacted, would represent a major expansion of the agency’s authority to speed up deportations under President Trump, who has made border security a top priority.

Two administration officials confirmed that the proposed new policy, which would not require congressional approval, is under review. The memo was circulated at the White House in May, and DHS is reviewing comments on the document from the Office of Management and Budget, according to one administration official familiar with the process who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

So not only are we throwing out due process for anyone who came in less than 90 days ago, we're also dispensing with it for anyone who can't prove they've been here for three months.  Considering the lengths that undocumented immigrants might go to in order to avoid leaving a paper trail, only heightened in Trump's climate of fear, that's exactly what the regime wants.

So now there's a burden of proof on getting due process.

Out the door you go otherwise.

Welcome to America.

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