Sunday, July 16, 2017

Donny's Crash And Burn

July has been the worst month for the Trump regime yet, and new historic lows for Trump's approval ratings at the six month mark means the Russia mess is definitely catching up to him.  As usual, the largest drop is among Trump's own supporters, who were willing to overlook a multitude of sins, but maybe not so much taking away their health insurance and you know, treason.

Americans give President Donald Trump the lowest six-month approval rating of any president in polls dating back 70 years, punctuated by questions about his competence on the world stage, his effectiveness, the GOP health care plan and Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

Just 36 percent of Americans polled in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of Trump’s job performance, down 6 points from his 100-day mark, itself a low. The previous president closest to this level at or near six months was Gerald Ford, at 39 percent, in February 1975.

Sixty-three percent in this poll, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, say it was inappropriate for Trump’s son, son-in-law and campaign manager to have met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign. Six in 10 also think Russia tried to influence the campaign, and among those who say so, 67 percent think Trump aides helped, similar to results in April.

Yet the Russia controversy is just one on the list of Trump’s troubles. Just 38 percent say he’s making significant progress toward his goals; 55 percent think not. With no apparent help from the G-20 summit, two-thirds don’t trust him to negotiate with other world leaders -- or with Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically -- on America’s behalf. And about half say the country’s world leadership has grown weaker under Trump; just 27 percent say it’s gotten stronger.

Only Bill Clinton, who at this point in 1993 was facing the fallout from the crises of the first WTC bombing in February and the Waco Branch Davidian siege, coupled with his own "unpopular" health care ideas, was anywhere really close to where Trump is today.  Gerald Ford, who America turned to after Nixon and Agnew resigned, was similarly hamstrung.  One went on to two terms, one barely lasted 2 years.

But Trump has all the hallmarks of descending into an untenable position.  He'll either take the rest of the GOP with him...or the rest of the entire country.

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