Thursday, July 13, 2017

Silver, Out-Foxing The Feds

Remember our old friend Sheldon Silver, the NY state Senate Dem leader who got rung up on federal corruption charges in 2015?  He was convicted on all seven counts in December of that year, but ever since the Supreme Court suddenly made federal corruption charges impossible to actually convict on in 2016 by overturning former GOP Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's similar corruption convictions, it was only a matter of time before Silver was sprung from the clink too.

A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned the 2015 corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver, the once-powerful New York State Assembly speaker who obtained nearly $4 million in illicit payments in return for taking official actions that benefited others, according to evidence presented at his trial. 
In vacating Mr. Silver’s conviction, the appellate court cited a United States Supreme Court ruling last year involving Bob McDonnell, a former Republican governor of Virginia, that narrowed the definition of the kind of official conduct that can serve as the basis of a corruption prosecution. 
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan concluded, in light of the Supreme Court’s narrower definition, that the jury instructions given by the judge in Mr. Silver’s trial were erroneous and that a properly instructed jury might not have convicted him.

Prosecutors may retry Mr. Silver, a 73-year-old Democrat from the Lower East Side of Manhattan who served for more than two decades as Assembly speaker.

Mr. Silver was convicted on Nov. 30, 2015 of honest services fraud, extortion and money laundering in one of the most prominent corruption trials in New York City in decades.

This is all pretty important seeing as how we have the most corrupt administration in history running things, so if you think when it's all said and done that any of the Trump regime principals will spend a single night in prison, remember that SCOTUS made sure that political corruption charges are all but impossible to prove nowadays.

Something to keep in mind if you ever think these assholes will see justice in my lifetime.

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