Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dems Flying High In Lexington

Don't look now, but Democrats are on the move here in Kentucky and next door in KY-6, GOP Rep. Andy Barr has just picked up yet another Democratic challenger in a district that's winnable for Team Blue.

Meet Amy McGrath, Marine fighter pilot and proud Democrat.

KY-6 was the long-time home of Democrat Ben Chandler, who lost in 2013 to Andy Barr after serving six terms representing Frankfort and Lexington.  Now Barr has some real trouble headed his way, because the good lieutenant here is exactly the kind of Democrat that can win in the Bluegrass State.

A retired fighter pilot says she will seek the Democratic nomination for Congress in Kentucky’s 6th District. 
Amy McGrath announced her candidacy on Tuesday with an online video touting her military career. She’s one of several of military veterans across the country to have launched campaigns as part of the broader Democratic strategy of challenging the Republican majority in the 2018 midterm elections. 
McGrath said she was not recruited by the Democratic Party. She said her decision to run stemmed from Donald Trump’s election as president, which caused her to rethink what it is to be an American.

McGrath is a political neophyte, but frankly in 2017/2018 that's an advantage among conservative red state voters, now isn't it?

It was Roger Ailes's now famous ad for Mitch McConnell that propelled him to Congress.  Wouldn't it be something if an ad for somebody in the same state put a Democrat on the national map this time in helping to rid the country of Ailes's (and McConnell's) legacy?

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