Friday, August 4, 2017

Last Call For The General Gets A Head

Let's not mince words here: White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly is still a right-wing racist Islamophobic lunatic and getting him out of Homeland Security (while a good idea) still means he's there working for Trump.

But if anything, Kelly seems to be good at collecting pelts of Trump's worst hires because Trump himself won't do it.  Kelly has already cashiered Tony Scaramucci and along with an alliance with National Security Council head Gen. H.R. McMaster, the notion is that Kelly will start taking out the garbage.

Looks like Kelly may have found his first head in actual card-carrying Bannon flunkie Seb Gorka, a man whom nobody can explain why he is still there and eating all the office snacks.

A senior administration official says Sebastian Gorka, a former counterterrorism analyst for Fox News who joined the administration as a counterterrorism adviser, will be leaving the White House in the coming days.

The official says that Gorka had initially been hired to play a key role on the Strategic Initiatives Group, an advisory panel created by Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon to run parallel to the National Security Council.

But that group fizzled out in the early months of the administration. Gorka was unable to get clearance for the National Security Council after he was charged last year with carrying a weapon at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The official spoke anonymously to discuss private personnel matters. Attempts to reach Gorka by email for comment were not immediately successful.

Kelly is still a jackass, but Gorka was a no-fooling Nazi white supremacist fascist, so if Gorka's out, that's a small point in Kelly's favor that's still completely overshadowed by the fact he's still working for Trump.

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