Friday, April 13, 2018

So Fast It'll SNAP Your Head Back

Trump and the GOP are now turning to "welfare reform" after giving corporations their huge tax cut and wrecking Obamacare.  House Republicans want to start by imposing a three month limit and an 80-hours-per-month work requirement on all SNAP recipients, not just those without dependents.

Republicans controlling the House are proposing sweeping new work mandates on the nation’s more than 40 million food stamp recipients as they kick off debate on a politically-freighted election-year overhaul of the government’s food and farm programs. 
Legislation released Thursday would require able-bodied adults aged 18-59 to work or participate in job training for 20 hours a week in order to receive food stamp benefits that average about $450 a month for a family of four.

The measure, which ignored recommendations outlined in President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget proposal, has already sparked opposition from Democrats, whose support is generally needed to pass the measure through Congress. They say the tougher work requirements would drive millions of people off of the program.

That's the point, of course.  Can't find anyone to watch your kids while you work 20 hours a week in a minimum wage job?  Too bad, you're off SNAP and so are your kids.  Better hope school lunches fill in the gap...oh wait, Republicans want to trash that too.

Of course the whole point of criminalizing poverty is because our prison system always needs more bodies.

The latest proposal on food stamps, officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, would require states to impose stricter uniform work requirements for SNAP recipients between 18 and 59. 
Currently, adults 18-59 are required to work part-time or agree to accept a job if they’re offered one. Stricter rules apply to able-bodied adults without dependents between the ages of 18 and 49, who are subject to a three-month limit of benefits unless they meet a work requirement of 80 hours per month. Under the new bill, that requirement would be expanded to apply to all work-capable adults, mandating that they either work or participate in work training for 20 hours per week with the exception of seniors, pregnant women, caretakers of children under the age of six, or people with disabilities. 
The new work requirements would take effect in 2021, and increase to 25 hours per week in 2026. Each new SNAP recipient would have one month to comply with the rule. 
The measure also limits circumstances under which families who qualify for other poverty programs can automatically be eligible for SNAP.

So it gets even worse, especially for anyone new to SNAP.  Another massive recession, caused by say, an unstable narcissist sociopath and his terrible trade, economic, and housing policies, would drive millions of families to SNAP, where they would have to work or starve.  Sorry, no free lunch in America, citizen.  You can have your food, or your job and freedom to earn minimum wage so that you can't afford anything else, but not both.

Try feeding that to voters in 2020.

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