Sunday, October 7, 2018

Last Call For That Second Civil War

The Power Line boys can't wait for the brave heroes of right-wing Jesus to start filling liberals full of bullets.

What we are seeing today is mob action by Democratic Party activists: harassing Republicans when they go out to dinner or walk through airports; busing activists to Republicans’ homes to harass them and frighten their children; invading Republican Congressional offices with threatening mobs; and, in some cases, shooting or violently assaulting Republican office-holders. I wrote yesterday about Kellie Paul’s appeal to Cory Booker to withdraw his incitements to violence. Maxine Waters is another prominent Democrat who has endorsed immoral and potentially illegal harassment of Republicans.

Why are Democrats confident that political violence is a one-way street? Conservatives are, on average, better armed than liberals and–I think it is safe to say–more personally formidable. Yet liberals clearly have no fear that conservatives will respond to their violence and mob intimidation in kind. I think that is because they assume we are better than they are. We care about our country, we value its institutions, and we try to maintain the basic presumption of good faith that underlies our democratic system.

The Democrats are right to think that we are better than they are, but conservatives’ patience is not infinite. The potential for significant political violence is higher today than it has been at any time since the Great Depression, and perhaps since the Civil War. The Democrats are sowing the wind, and they may reap the whirlwind.

They cannot wait for that Second Civil War to start, where they can use the full power of the Trump state to crush the necks of liberals.  They know what Kavanaugh means in the long run.  They can't help themselves, their dreams of righteous soldiers exterminating the sub-human vermin in their otherwise pristine country, their hunger for martial rule is cavernous.

This is who the GOP is, aging Boomers wanting to go back to the days of the Kent State Massacre and church burnings and public lynchings and the younger crowd who have heard the stories, but their black hearts achs for the bloodshed of the bad old days.  They dream of the era when they can crack skulls and smash heads and get away with it, because it will be the right thing to do.

They've been training all their lives.

We're one Reichstag Fire away...

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