Friday, February 6, 2009

Last Call

What Digby Said.
Hardball is reporting that the new bill is 42% tax cuts now and 58% spending, which is considered a big win for Republicans.

And they are still fighting it.

And when it finally comes to the floor, they won't vote for it anyway.

That's how a truly ruthless opposition party works. They ruin the legislation, are lauded as winners for ruining the legislation and then vote against the legislation that they ruined. Awesome.
Roughly the same proportion as Republicans to Democrats in the Senate. Or, after the Very Sensible Centrists hack off a couple billion here or there and replace it with some more Sensible Tax Cuts, they can easily get the bill to the same 54%-46% ratio as Obama's win over McCain...the basis of Rush Limbaugh's "plan" for the "bi-partisan stimulus bill" he demanded last week in the Wall Street Journal. And of course, El Rushbo will take this bill, meeting the standards he set out on January 29, and then declare the bill the worst thing since Hitler and any Republican voting for it the worst since Neville Chamberlain.

And I call it a night, knowing that as Digby said the Republicans will vote against it almost across the board in the Senate, will vote unanimously against it in the House, and declare that now Pelosi/Obama/Reid now 100% own the Pelosi/Obama/Reid recession.

Because after all, the economic genius that was closest to guessing the plan that will save America's economy is Rush Fucking Limbaugh, who does not run the GOP, the Village Media, the Democrats, or the entire country.

G'night, folks.

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