Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Poor He Can't Even Pay Attention

Kevin K. of the Rumpies takes Truthdig's Chris Hedges to task for the latest out of the Useful Idiot Peanut Gallery.
The naively empathetic Chris Hedges, writing about the poor, put-upon teabaggers and their childlike “yearning for fascism,” ends his recent article at Truthdig with this ‘graph:
Left unchecked, the hatred for radical Islam will transform itself into a hatred for Muslims. The hatred for undocumented workers will become a hatred for Mexicans and Central Americans. The hatred for those not defined by this largely white movement as American patriots will become a hatred for African-Americans. The hatred for liberals will morph into a hatred for all democratic institutions, from universities to government agencies to the press. Our continued impotence and cowardice, our refusal to articulate this anger and stand up in open defiance to the Democrats and the Republicans, will see us swept aside for an age of terror and blood.
Honestly, does Hedges believe that these “transformations” are impending? We’re already there. We’ve been there for a long time.  “The hatred for liberals will morph into a hatred for all democratic institutions, from universities to government agencies to the press.” I mean, yeah, how terrible would it be IF THAT EVER HAPPENED? Good christ, really?
Oh, it gets worse, folks.  Who does Hedges blame for the Rough Beast heading for Washington DC?  I'll give you three guesses, and the first seventeen don't count.
We are bound to a party that has betrayed every principle we claim to espouse, from universal health care to an end to our permanent war economy, to a demand for quality and affordable public education, to a concern for the jobs of the working class. And the hatred expressed within right-wing movements for the college-educated elite, who created or at least did nothing to halt the financial debacle, is not misplaced. Our educated elite, wallowing in self-righteousness, wasted its time in the boutique activism of political correctness as tens of millions of workers lost their jobs. The shouting of racist and bigoted words at black and gay members of Congress, the spitting on a black member of the House, the tossing of bricks through the windows of legislators’ offices, are part of the language of rebellion. It is as much a revolt against the educated elite as it is against the government. The blame lies with us. We created the monster.
I have to just shake my head.  If you honestly believe that the Teabaggers are hurling epithets at black and gay members of Congress because the Democrats aren't liberal enough, there's literally nothing I can do for you.  That's stupidity bordering willful ignorance right there.  But to then blame the Democrats for these nutjobs and then justify their actions in any way makes you more than stupid, it makes you flat out evil.  It's the same idiotic, hyper-cynical "logic" we've seen from the Right in the last week or so, that the Dems brought this on themselves for daring pass this legislation...any legislation.

If we had passed single-payer health care, the teabaggers really would be taking to the streets en masse to "get them some tyrant blood for the Tree of Liberty" or whatever.  And you're blaming Dems for this lunacy?

How does this guy function with that block of cement on his head?


In Ur Blog Eatin Waffles said...

"That's stupidity bordering willful ignorance right there."

Something seems vaguely familiar.

Oh right, just about every post in this blog. Good thing I'm here to pull you back to center.

You're no different, you make claims that time after time I have to rebut and prove false. You only believe what is on a few left wing blogs and sites and do nothing to think for yourself.

Zandar said...

If you're "center" Waffles, I'm Bob Marley.

Yellow Dog said...

Check out PZ Myers on this guy - Hedges is just as incoherent on how science should kow-tow to religion as he is on politics.

In Ur Blog Eatin Waffles said...

So disagreeing with you means I'm not "center"?

I've said before I'm center, more like center right. The more extreme right I seem is because of how extremely far left this blog is.

That Other Mike said...

Waffles: That explains your extremely centrist avatar.

In Ur Blog Eatin Waffles said...

Mike have you ever heard of a Troll?

Go read some of the earlier comments I've left, Z labeled me a troll so he could in his own mind ignore what I was saying. So I figured why not play the part somewhat and still get information out.

Geezee...what a tool.

That Other Mike said...

Uh-huh, and that comment doesn't in any way show you to be a troll...

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