Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Call

Sarah Palin tries desperately to stay relevant to American politics by going back to the racial dog whistle well on President Obama.

Blasting the White House and liberals for being “so addicted to that OPM, other people’s money,” Palin declared that Obama “is not capable of giving the right message” to the American people. Though a majority of Americans side with Obama’s position, Fox asked Palin why he seems so disconnected from the public. Palin harped on the all-too-familiar right-wing refrain that American ideals “seem[] to be foreign to our President” because of “his background. She added, “His ideas are the antithesis of those things that created the prosperity in America.”

He's not one of us, he is The Other, etc. etc.  Oldest political attack in the book, plus you throw in that the nation's first black POTUS is "addicted to other people's money" and you have September 2008 all over again.

Palin, with her documentary an obvious failure, is now trying to go back to her old tried and true staples in order to get people to pay attention to her.  The only addict here is Palin's narcissistic ego.

Oh, and no debt ceiling vote tonight.  Orange Julius would rather waste America's time and credit rating then lose a vote on legislation that has zero chance to pass.

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