Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mystery Mitt-chine, Part 2

If Josh Marshall really is baffled by Mitt Romney's "Iowa strategy" then he hasn't been paying attention to the last decade or so in politics.

I still have trouble seeing what the Romney strategy is. Concede Iowa. Win in neighboring New Hampshire which everyone will discount. And then win in uber-conservative South Carolina? It never has added up. 

The answer to this is the fact that the Tea Party voters hate Romney, but Romney is the candidate the corporations very much want, just like McCain was in 2008.  Remember in 2007, McCain was written off entirely.

Romney has no chance in actually winning primaries right now.  The rest of the field has to be eliminated before he can win.  The guy came in seventh, behind Rick Perry's write-in votes, and Rick Perry just announced the same day and he wasn't even in Iowa.  Everyone else has to be flushed in order for Romney to win the bid.

If the Village wants Romney to win, and they do, then Iowa doesn't count anymore.  Period.  The longer this goes on, the more you'll see the Tea Party voters go all over the map, and the Village will demand a brokered convention.  Lord knows they want to play kingmaker.

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