Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tough Old Bird Indeed

When in Chatham, don’t mess with Edward Alexander.
The guy is tough. Old school tough.
While Alexander was watering his front lawn at 82nd and Wabash Thursday, a would-be robber pointed a gun at the 85-year-old and told him to “give it up.” Alexander knocked away the pistol and punched the man in the face, hobbling the bad guy, who ran away — but not before the pistol went off and a bullet hit Alexander in the leg.
From his hospital bed Friday, the retired probation officer of 32 years says he has no regrets.
“You’ve got to make a stand one way or the other in life,” he said from his room at Advocate Trinity Hospital. “And if you don’t you’ll be run over.”
I can only hope I would be so brave in the face of something like that.  Good for Edward. 

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