Thursday, March 29, 2012

Screw That, Man

An Illinois couple is behind bars after a man allegedly beat his 12-year-old stepson, made him eat two screws and then forced him to do hundreds of pushups.

James Jennings and his wife, Lashawn Jennings -- who is the victim's adoptive mother -- were charged with child endangerment and other counts after the boy reported the alleged assault to his school nurse, CBS News reported.

He was also beaten with a wooden paddle until it broke. His back and arms were bruised. Nobody is even trying to pretend this is the first time. What did he do? He ate a cookie and got crumbs in the floor.  I cannot imagine what abuses and terrors he suffered that built up to the event that brought it all down.  I hope he is safe tonight, and is placed with someone who will care for him.

Eating screws?  Please let me follow up and report they didn't get away with this.

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