Friday, June 8, 2012

Silence: You're Doing It Wrong

As BooMan points out, today is the National Right Wing Nutjob Day Of Butthurt as they go Galt in order to point out the injustice of a liberal activist not having his entrails ripped out on national television, and are collectively pissing themselves and drowning in their fake victimization that they are voiceless and howling that they are being targeted for assassination by Obama's army of Nubian Thug Cyborgs or something.

I haven't seen a collective freakout like this since people started buying duct tape by the crate in 2002. It's hard to think of a worse way to try to protect our First Amendment rights than forming an online lynch mob to smear some random voting rights activist and then coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about how you're being persecuted as a result.

They've actually terrified themselves. They're convinced that if they say anything further about this poor activist that a SWAT team will show up at their houses and treat them like an anti-NATO activist.

They are oblivious to the real repression that is going on. Actually, I should correct that. They fully approve of that kind of repression because it isn't aimed at them

But they will whine and moan and continue to slash their wrists and swear up and down that liberals are going to murder them any second now, so that they should just start the shooting first you see and it'll be totally justified when they do.  They just need other people to do that whole revolution thing for them because Malkin has a mani/pedi appointment to keep and you know how rescheduling those things are really worse than the London Blitz.

So they mean to flagellate themselves into fomenting a crowd of angry old people to yell at Democrats in town halls I guess.  Progress!  Victory!  Justice!

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