Saturday, July 21, 2012

By The Time I Get To Arizona (It'll Be All White With You)

The ACLU is going after the surviving "Papers, please!" provision of the state's draconian SB 1070 immigration law.  The Supreme Court upheld the provision on the grounds that there wasn't any legal reason to throw that particular law out on strictly face value.

Unless say, somebody (say, like the ACLU) could come along and prove the law was designed specifically for racial profiling as the main intent of the law.  The ACLU has gotten its hands on 10,000 or so emails from the legislation's authors through the Freedom of Information Act, and they've found some really awful discussions about the bill from lawmakers who apparently knew damn well that the law was designed to harass and intimidate Latinos.

Some low-lights of the ACLU's data dump:

  • “Last week, Denver’s illegal aliens sang our national anthem in Spanish and bastardized the words of OUR country’s most sacred song.”
  • “Battles commence as Mexican nationalists struggle to infuse their men into American government and strengthen control over their strongholds. One look at Los Angeles with its Mexican-American mayor shows you Vincente Fox’s general Varigossa commanding an American city.”
  • “They create enclaves of separate groups that shall balkanize our nation into fractured nightmares of social unrest and poverty.”
  • “Corruption is the mechanism by which Mexico operates. Its people spawn more corruption wherever they go because it is their only known way of life.”
  • “Tough, nasty illegals and their advocates grow in such numbers that law and order will not subdue them. They run us out of our cities and states. They conquer our language and our schools. They render havoc and chaos in our schools.”
  • “We are much like the Titanic as we inbreed millions of Mexico’s poor, the world’s poor and we watch our country sink.”

Oh it gets worse.  Racism and the perception that the law was racist was a hot, hot topic among the law's authors in one email entitled "What is racist?":

  • I’m racist because I don’t want to be taxed to pay for a prison population comprised of mainly Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans or whatever else you wish to call them.”
  • I’m a racist because I believe the News Media has a duty to tell us the names and race of criminals.”
  • I’m a racist because I object to having to pay higher sales tax and property tax to build more schools for the illegitimate children of illegal aliens.”
  • I’m a racist because I dislike having to push one for English and/or listening to a message in Spanish.”
  • “Factual is not racial. Realism is not racism. The new definition of racist is anyone winning an argument with a liberal, minority, pacifist, bible banger, or moron.”

They don't even view Arizona's Latinos as human, let alone entertain the concept that they might be taxpaying citizens who contribute to the state and country.   The Supremes all but screamed to the heavens that they needed a case involving SB 1070 violating people's civil rights.  They'll get it thanks to the ACLU.

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