Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mom Gives Birth, Smokes Bath Salts... You Know What's Coming

A Pennsylvania mom who had just given birth is accused of smoking synthetic "bath salts" in the hospital and going on a violent rampage, assaulting a nurse and a police officer.
Carla Murphy, 31, of Altoona, was recovering in the hospital on June 17 after delivering her baby two days earlier, The Altoona Mirror reported. Police say that Murphy smoked the synthetic drug, prompting her to strip off her clothes and go wild in the bathroom.
Murphy rolled around on the shower floor, confused and unable to state her own name. Cops arrived to calm her, and found in her purse a dismantled black pen with powder inside that the mother later called "Disco" -- a street name for bath salts -- the paper reported.
As Murphy flailed about, a nurse administered the anti-psychotic drug Haldol. Murphy responded by punching a nurse in the face, the New York Daily News reported.
She tried to bite a police officer, was so forcefully resistant she was a danger to herself and others, and  faces at least two felonies and a slew of misdemeanors.

And she has a newborn baby.

This woman likely didn't control her drug use, so we may have a child who was developing while her mother used an experimental drug.  This is the stuff of nightmares.

Say what you like about marijuana, it never caused anything like this.  That war on drugs we keep hearing about?  Maybe they should pool their resources and take this stuff out before it's all too late.  There is a substance out there that is cheap, easy to get and makes people want to eat other people.  Time to pull all the plugs and save everyone we can, because shit just got real.

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