Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear America:

"Barack Obama is doomed.  Mitt Romney will win this election running away, and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal moron in the tank for Obama.  I don't care if the polls show Obama ahead, I don't care what Nate Silver thinks, I have my own model and it shows he gets crushed.  So suck it, doomed libtards!  I HAVE SPOKEN."

--Jim Pethokoukis

Bonus Verbatim Stupid:

Reading [political scientist Douglas] Hibb’s entire paper, I get the sense he is not thrilled with what his model is telling him. He even mentions that he’s a big fan of betting markets, and they show an Obama win. But the model says what it says — even he kind of gently suggests Romney is another stiff, just like Dole and Gore.

Hibbs indeed at Romney winning by 5 points based solely on economic and war conditions (the "bread and peace" index, Hibbs calls it.)  But Hibbs also admits this model may not apply here in the first hyper-internet, Twitter-saturated, mutliple news cycle per day election with unlimited SuperPAC money.

Funny how that works.  Into the Future Stupidity files you go, Jimmy.

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