Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Arnold Schwarzenegger says his estranged wife Maria Shriver confronted him about his secret love child during a couple's therapy session and that she'd suspected for years ... according to his new book ... but the good news -- Arnold assured Maria he was still "turned on" by her.

In the book, obtained by the New York Daily News, Arnold says Maria took him to couple's therapy in 2011 -- the day after her left the California governorship.   He believed he was there for routine marriage counseling -- instead, Maria asked him point blank if he slept with the maid and spawned a love child years before. 
What a jerk.  What an absolute rotten, clueless son of a bitch.

"So yeah, you caught me, I'm sorry I devastated you and broke your heart, and embarrassed you again in front of the entire nation.  But hey, I still think you're hot so that makes us cool, right?"

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