Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Women Growing In Government

More women are running for Congress this year than ever before. The 18 women running for the Senate break the previous record of 14, set two years ago. Also, there are 163 female candidates for House seats, more than the 141 who ran in 2004.
That gives this election season a Year-of-the-Woman ring to it, says The Center for American Women and Politics. The center's director, Debbie Walsh, offered some reasons in a press release:
"... The crucial first election after reapportionment and redistricting, news events underscoring the need for women's voices in policymaking, and a presidential election year generating political excitement."
Great news to hear.  Women make up half the population, yet don't get nearly what they deserve in compensation or representation.

First, we need the year of the woman candidate, but we also need to coincide with the year of the woman voter.

Ladies, get off your rumps and use your voice.  If not for you, for the women who need fairness in government.

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