Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Call

Just for my own edification, here's what the Gallup registered voter poll for President looked like through mid September 2008:

And the 2012 version:

They're pretty damn similar.  By the way, it was about this time 4 years ago that after closing the gap, Obama then blew McCain out of the water and his campaign fell apart:

Candidate Obama was actually behind in early September, and went on to rip McCain up in the debates and win handily.  He was up 13 points among RVs on Oct 31, 2008, but they were tied as late as September 22 of that year.

Starting to look like that may be the case again.   The first debate was September 26 then, and it just got worse for McCain from there.  I'm betting we'll see a similar pattern this year.

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