Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Call

How Ann Coulter remains on television as a "serious pundit" baffles me when she's allowed to say nonsense like this:

Former Clinton Labor secretary Robert Reich argued that Romney has failed to appeal to Latinos on key immigration issues, from calling for self-deportation to threatening to veto the DREAM Act.

“We have Governor Romney who is basically taking a position that is anti a large and the fastest growing segment of the electorate,” Reich said on the “This Week” roundtable.

While criticizing President Obama for failing to aggressively pursue immigration reform in his first term, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said that “if Republicans don’t do something with immigration … they’re going to lose not only this election, they might lose the White House for a generation.”

Coulter quickly interjected, “That’s why the Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics, because they’re a larger group of Hispanics now” — seeming to claim that Democrats are more aggressively courting the growing Latino population than the African American vote, which polls show is firmly behind President Obama.

Coulter, author of the new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama,” also argued that groups on the left, from feminists to gay rights groups to those defending immigrants, have commandeered the black civil rights experience.

Coulter could give a damn about the "black civil rights experience" but if she can start a race war between African-American voters and Latino voters or LGBTQ voters or all of the above, the GOP united in its hatred of all three groups wins, doesn't it?  Seems a pretty obvious strategy to me.  Question is why she's allowed away from the FOX Noise kid's table.

If Coulter had an ounce of common sense, she'd realize that civil rights transcends the black experience and must be applied to all minority groups, which is what everyone from Dr. King to Rep. John Lewis today is still fighting for.  Republicans may be partial to "I got mine, screw you" as a strategy, but all that has done is increasingly driven the Latino vote into the hands of a black President.

She realizes that of course, which is why we're seeing this boulder-fisted attempt to break up the coalition of Dem voters with squabbling and infighting.  It's not working, of course...because as concern troll Ann here admits, African-American voters like myself really are smart enough to see what's going on here.

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