Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Four Years Of Crap Like This

The sad part is the American public is inured to the constant threats made against President Obama's life.  The US Secret Service on the other hand, the busiest guys in the room.  Every threat gets checked out, as it should.

Police in Melbourne, Fla., are holding a man over threats he made on Facebook to kill President Barack Obama, reported Florida Today.

On Nov. 1, Christopher Castillo wrote on the social network that if Obama were re-elected, he would “hunt down” the president and “watch the life disappear from his eyes.” When someone commented that the threat itself was a federal offensive, he responded that it was a “promise.”

Castillo, a 28-year-old army veteran, also made threats during questioning with U.S. Secret Service agents and county investigators two days after the elections, threatening to beat up President Obama. But Castillo’s father says the threats are meaningless, although he understands that “the Secret Service has to do what they have to do.”

This guy clearly deserves the treatment he's getting from the USSS.  But as a veteran, it would be nice to see him get treatment for whatever issues made him post something like this in the first place.  It's a hell of a cry for attention, frankly.  Let's hope that he gets the help he needs. 

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