Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last Call

The "We love America, why do you hippies hate it" right has decided that the real problem is...America.  Specifically, the America who voted for Barack Obama a second time, and therefore are no longer worthy of being saved by the infinite wisdom of the right, who this weekend has decided to wash their hands of the whole matter and want to burn the whole thing down.  Take Charles C.W. Cooke at NRO:

But, consider this: A president of the United States just ran a reelection campaign based on the promise of government largess, exploitation of class division, the demonization of success, the glorification of identity politics, and the presumption that women are a helpless interest group; and he did so while steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the looming — potentially fatal — crisis that the country faces. And it worked.

Or his compatriot, Mark Steyn:

So Washington cannot be saved from itself. For the moment, tend to your state, and county, town and school district, and demonstrate the virtues of responsible self-government at the local level. Americans as a whole have joined the rest of the Western world in voting themselves a lifestyle they are not willing to earn. The longer any course correction is postponed the more convulsive it will be. Alas, on Tuesday, the electorate opted to defer it for another four years. I doubt they’ll get that long.

Gosh, it's almost like these guys are rooting for America to fail.  Some contrition from Tuesday night, right?

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