Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last Call

We leave tonight with an interesting and disturbing point from Steve M. on "crisis pregnancy centers" and the right's virtual nullification of abortion in a growing number of states spreading to other things they don't like:

It makes me wonder what will happen if, someday, the Supreme Court decides that there's a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Will couples seeking marriage licenses (straight and gay, or maybe just gay) be required to undergo counseling that warns of the evils of homosexuality and the describes heterosexual marriage as the bedrock of civilization? Will some state actually try to compel gay couples seeking marriage licenses to at least undergo one session of gay-conversion therapy? And will conservative federal judges conclude that these are "reasonable" hoops to jump through in order to get married? 

Conservatives are doing this with voting laws that make voting as difficult and as time-consuming as they can to lower the number of people voting,  laws to make programs to help the poor as shameful and as onerous to qualify as possible, and everything having to do with women's health as awful as possible. Why wouldn't they make gay marriage as difficult as possible too?

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