Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Call

But racism is dead, they told me.  It's all "reverse racism" now.  Old racism simply doesn't ha...errm, uh-oh.

A Mexican restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina is being criticized for its racist T-shirts showing a wooden trap using tacos as bait with the caption “HOW TO CATCH AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”.

As the Palmetto Public Record notes, a South Carolina reporter tweeted a photo yesterday of someone who appears to be a Taco Cid restaurant employee wearing the offensive shirt.

ThinkProgress spoke with an employee at Taco Cid who confirmed that restaurant workers indeed wear the shirt. He also noted that patrons can purchase it as well.

Taco Cid, a one-star restaurant that has shuttered franchises in recent years, appears to have cribbed the design from the “Offensive Obscene & Sex Related Tees” section of an online apparel designer.

Keep it classy, South Carolina.  Home to a bunch of racist jagoffs who can't even come up with an original racist idea and steal it off a website because they're lazy on top of being clueless bigots.

Nice work, clowns.

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