Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Great North Carolina Regulator Purge Of '13

Back home where the Zandarparents live, Republicans in the state legislature are now leading a complete purge of the state's regulatory commissions and boards in order to replace all of them with Republicans loyal to recently elected GOP Gov. Pat McCrory.  Gosh, that doesn't sound like political hackery or anything fascist.

The North Carolina state senate has approved a bill to fire all the members of the states' regulatory bodies, including all the members of the Utilities Commission, the Coastal Resources Commission, the Environmental Management Commission, and the Wildlife Resources Commission.

The bill, which would affect 131 regulators, will now be considered in the state house. Dumping all the current members of the commissions would allow the newly instated Republican governor, Pat McCrory, to replace them. The Charlotte Observer has more on the plan.

And of course the goal is to replace all the members (or in some cases, hire back) regulators who see their job as lobbyists for the companies they are supposed to regulate, not as oversight.

The new "administration may see fit to have the people on boards and commissions that, let's say, are more like minded and who are willing to carry out the desires, if you will, or the philosophy of the new administration," [Sen. Bill] Rabon told committee members.

Sure does.  What better way to give the companies that bankrolled the GOP takeover of North Carolina's legislature everything they want from the state than to fire everyone making those decisions and hire on cronies, rubber-stamped by the same GOP state senate?

But remember, it's Obama and the Democrats who are fascist, un-American thugs with no respect for rule of law, right?  Republicans would never do such a thing...

...Unless they can get away with it without anyone to stop them.

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