Friday, February 1, 2013

The Paranoid, Without Style

Probably won't surprise you to learn that the National Rifle Association has an enemies list.  It will probably be even less of a surprise to you that the list consists of basically everyone who's not the NRA. McAllister at Addicting Info parses the voluminous tome:

A couple of things become apparent while reviewing the NRA list. First, they have no concept of data record formatting. Second, at least some of the folks on the NRA list are dead – which rings familiar to the persistent rumors that many of the NRA “Life” Members are dead as well. Third, unlike Nixon, the NRA didn’t list the politicians who support gun regulations, nor are any of the new media sites – like we here at Addicting Info or Occupy the NRA on the list.

Back to the list. 24 major medical associations, from the AMA to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons populate the list of NRA enemies. And so are the American Bar Association, National Education Association, the Catholic Conference, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church and the American Jewish Conference. From the world of sports are the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Rams.

Hollywood is represented by a wide variety of actors…from TV’s Barney Miller – Hal Linden to Rambo – Sylvester Stallone to NCIS’ Mark Harmon to George Clooney, Matt Damon, Kevin Bacon, MacGyver’s Richard Dean Anderson. Also on the list, Sigourney Weaver, Oprah Winfrey, Shania Twain, Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand – the only person to be on both Nixon and the NRA’s lists.

Former politicians Jimmy Carter, Ed Koch and C. Everett Coop are also listed along with political powerhouse, the AARP, 32 Million strong.

It might be easier to write who is NOT on the list.

And if you want to know how and why the NRA will survive this, they'll brutally attack everyone on this list as gun grabbers who support fascist Obama, so you'd better back the NRA or join the list as a bad guy.  About half of America is willing to do that still, because the NRA is still viewed as more socially acceptable than NAMBLA or the KKK.

Until that changes, gun control laws in Congress will not pass.  Period.  Not even the background check stuff.

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