Thursday, March 7, 2013

Punish The Poor, Carolina Style

The GOP takeover of North Carolina continues, and the latest bit of wacky fun will cost every one of the people who voted for Republicans dearly in extra taxes.

With the Senate's final approval Wednesday, a measure to let a modest state tax credit for low- and moderate-income taxpayers expire in 2013 is headed to Gov. Pat McCrory.

The measure sunsets the earned income tax credit (EITC) -- after a one-year extension -- drew the scorn of Democrats, who unsuccessfully sought to extend it. The legislation lowers the state's tax break slightly for the 2013 tax year because the federal tax credit increased.

Republicans said the bill is standard fixes to "decouple" the state from federal tax policy. But Democrats link it with efforts this session to curtail unemployment benefits and prevent Medicaid expansion to show the majority party is disregarding the poor.

Yep, in addition to having the lowest unemployment benefits in the entire country, and mass purging the state's regulators, Gov. McCrory refuses Medicaid expansion, and will now almost certainly add to the tax burden of the state's poor.

It's pretty clear what McCrory is trying to do:  drive off the state's poor people to other states and make them Virginia, South Carolina, or Tennessee's problem.  Congrats, folks back home.  You get the government you vote for, every single time. 

Enjoy your austerity regime!

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