Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Right Climate For A Split Derision

Can we put to bed this absolute nonsense about the scientific community being "split" over man-made global warming?

Scientists say climate change is happening and that we’re exacerbating it. Don’t believe me? Check out this beautifully simple pie chart that illustrates just how rare climate denial in the scientific community is:James Powell

That’s right. Only one — ONE — of the 9,137 authors of peer-reviewed climate change articles rejected anthropogenic global warming. Geochemist James Powell did the research on publications from November 2012 and December 2013. (But if a year-long sample isn’t good enough for you, Powell previously examined 21 years of peer-reviewed literature and found that only 24 out of 13,950 articles — or two-tenths of a percent — came out and rejected human-caused climate change.) 

The one guy that did dissent:  a Russian who notes that measures to rein in global warming would hurt his country's exports of oil and gas.

The industry that has sprung up to stop action on global warming is sponsored by energy corporations collectively worth hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars.  It's all lies and bought politicians, and its worked and will continue to work.

Right up until the disasters keep coming.


D. Potter said...


I. Have. No. Words. Today.

Kitty Smith said...

This isn't gonna be pretty. It's gonna be AWESOME.

RepubAnon said...

So how did Governor Chris "Bluto" Christie get to New York City - did his limo take him through the traffic jam, or did he helicopter above the 99%? If he flew, did he ask the pilot to circle the traffic jam so he could gloat?

Frank Moraes said...

I think that's an over simplification. He's an okay president and he is far better than Romney would have been. However, had McCain won the 2008 election, I suspect we would have the same healthcare reform without the Republicans pretending that it is a socialist conspiracy. We might even have cap and trade. Of course, we would also have worse judges and probably be at war with Iran. The New Democrats (and Obama and Booker are both that) are a mixed blessing. From Cater onward, we have only had "centrist" Democratic presidents. I believe the Democratic Party has learned a false lesson from this. These three men didn't win because they were conservative; they won because pretty much any Democrat would have won those elections based upon the economic state of the country. The move of the Democratic Party over the last 40 years has been a mistake. And electing people like Cory Booker from blue states is bad. If he were from Mississippi, I would have no problem. But New Jersey ought to have a Senator who will prepresent the people of that state's interests--not the interests of his Wall Street backers.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

If you seriously believe that President McCain would have moved forward on any sort of health care reform, then you must be a goat feltching moron of a firebagger. My God, that idea is so stupid and divorced from reality that I wouldn't expect even a kossack to put it forth. Even the most deranged goober from the Smirking Chimp would be embarrassed to advance such a counterfactual thesis.

But thanks for the warning. I will endeavor to stay away from you, come the future.

Frank Moraes said...

You are so wrong! I now go to Goat Feltching Morons Anonymous.

But thanks for the thoughtful response. I'm glad to be reminded that it isn't just conservatives who have nothing to add to the political conversation.

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