Monday, March 3, 2014

Deeply Stupid Solutions "R" Us

Crystal Wright, aka @GOPBlackChick on Twitter, has an opinion piece in The Guardian on President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" program.  There are not enough trains on earth that can be simultaneously wrecked in the same spot order to provide sufficient visual representation of how bad of an article this is.  Here's the gist:

Sadly, the message to minorities – and blacks in particular – is that we blacks can’t be expected to take individual responsibility for our lives like our white counterparts ... so the government has to do it for us. Blacks should find Obama’s assumptions more than disturbing. Young black men wouldn’t be wrong to find My Brother’s Keeper downright offensive. And everyone should realize that the first black president is not holding blacks accountable to the same standards as whites when it comes to parenting.

Let's understand that the entire point of being a black conservative pundit is saying whatever President Obama does or does not do is "downright offensive" to blacks, because all the grim statistics backing up the notion of centuries of struggle by black families in America only became a problem on January 20, 2009. 

Why won’t America ever see a government program that teaches white men how to live responsibly? Because society expects whites to take responsibility for their lives. Even the progressive black politics of a progressive black president seem to hold whites to a standard of excellence – and blacks to an all too familiar standard of inferiority.

Except for the part that the vast majority of people on assistance programs are white, so whatever.  So what's her solution?

Potential solutions could include making long-needed changes to Clinton’s 1996 welfare-to-work reforms by cutting off aid to mothers who have more than two children out of wedlock. And by punishing black men by putting them on probation for fathering babies out of wedlock and forcing them to do community service or other government work.

To recap, the small government strict constructionists want to criminalize black people having sex before marriage and punish the kids born out of wedlock to boot.  Sure, that seems reasonable and totally doesn't invalidate her entire premise as inane.

Jesus wept.

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