Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Call For May's Unemployment Figures

And they were pretty decent, with 213.000 new jobs added and the rate remaining at 6.3% unemployed.  Moreover, we finally reached the point where we have recovered all the jobs lost since the Bush recession began 76 months ago:

The bad news is that we would have had 7 million more jobs on top of all this if the GOP hadn't destroyed America's economy in Bush's second term.  But yes, America has added 13.5 million jobs in just over 4 years, cleaning up yet another GOP president's mess.

When Reagan and Poppy Bush took ten years to get the unemployment rate down to where Jimmy Carter had it (after cleaning up Nixon and Ford's disaster) at 5.6 %, AFTER DOUBLING IT TO 11% because Reagan was some sort of ECONOMIC GENIUS YOU KNOW, they were considered gods.

Obama cleans up an even worse mess in terms of jobs and he's considered the antichrist.

I will never understand people who vote Republican.

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RepubAnon said...

I've got some secret documents from a purported eyewitness that shows Senator Rand Paul worships the AntiChrist and had sex with Osama bin Ladin. The purported eyewitness is a space alien working on Plan 9 From Outer Space... (/snark)

"Secret documents from a 'purported' eyewitness"? Why not just admit that they made the whole thing up?

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