Thursday, June 5, 2014

Open Carrying On

So remember last week, when the NRA mentioned that open carry groups in Texas were really, really making gun owners look bad and that maybe they should, you know, chill out a bit?  Turns out it was all "a mistake" and that the NRA is blaming a "staffer" and their "personal opinion" for the statement, and that everyone whould have guns everywhere because guns.

The National Rifle Association's appeal to Texas groups to dial back their practices of wielding assault weapons in local businesses was "a mistake," a top official in the powerhouse's lobbying arm said Tuesday, turning an about-face from what some saw as a politically savvy step toward the middle in the hot-button debate over gun rights.

"An alert went out that referred to this type of behavior as 'weird' or somehow not normal," Chris Cox, executive director of NRA policy, said during an interview on the organization's website. "It shouldn't have happened, and I've had a discussion with the staffer who wrote that piece and expressed his personal opinion. And our job isn't to criticize the lawful behavior of fellow gun owners.

"...This is a distraction," he went on. "And certainly the media has had a field day with it."

So yes, you were a complete sucker if you thought the NRA was going to be reasonable for even a second about open carry.   It's not their job, and never is.  Open carry all the time everywhere is the only solution.

"...Ultimately what this comes down to is a tactics discussion," Cox went on. "Some people believe that the best way to effectuate that sort of policy change is in protest. And what they did in Texas is some people decided to protest the absurdity of the ban on concealed carry or on open carry of handguns by carrying their long guns openly - and legally."

Not being able to carry around your AK-47 in public is "absurd" because America.

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