Thursday, September 18, 2014

Energy Efficiency, Standard

Here comes the next big freakout by the GOP and the energy companies who completely own them over energy standards from the White House:

The U.S. Department of Energy unveiled its latest energy efficiency rule on Thursday, a standard for commercial air conditioning units that the White House believes could slash energy use in commercial and industrial buildings. 
The proposal would cut climate-changing carbon emissions by more than 60 million tonnes, and could save more energy than any other efficiency standard issued by the Energy Department to date, the White House said in a release. 
The new standard was part of a package of actions announced on Friday that the White House said would curb nearly 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030 and save consumers more than $10 billion on energy bills.

The Energy Department also said it would train veterans to install solar panels at military bases, while the Agriculture Department said it would invest $68 million in 540 renewable energy and efficiency projects in rural areas, including 240 solar projects.

Save consumers $10 billion in power bills?  You mean "cost energy companies $10 billion in revenue."  We can't have that, you know.  Expect shrill attacks calling this fascist socialism, and white papers saying how this will end up costing consumers more than they save if you take factors X, Y and Z into account (because efficiency standards always do, right?)

Considering the UN's big climate change conference starts Tuesday, preceded by a city-wide march on Central Park on Sunday, the climate change deniers are going to be going bonkers for the rest of the month.  You can count on that.

You can also count on any climate treaty that comes out of that UN conference to be dead on arrival in the US Senate if the Republicans win in November, too.

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