Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last Call For Some Snyder Remarks

How bad are things for GOP Gov. Rick Snyder's re-election campaign in Michigan right now?

Bad enough that he's taking credit for Obamacare's Medicare expansion in his state.

Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday touted Michigan’s successful Medicaid expansion as part of his re-election bid, saying 63,000 more low-income adults have signed up than projected this year, with [three-and-a-half] months left. 
The Republican governor said about 385,000 enrolled between April, when the Healthy Michigan program launched, and Monday. His administration had expected 322,000 signups by year’s end. 
At that level, we’re adding over 9,000 patients a week,” Snyder said at an endorsement event at the Michigan State Medical Society, an East Lansing-based professional association of physicians. “It’s outstanding progress.”

 But...death panels!  Evil mandates!  Death spirals!

Our old friend Chris Savage, ruler of all things liberal in Michigan over at the indispensable Eclectablog, reminds us that the state's Tea Party is quite pissed at Snyder over this too.

The bottom line of course is that like here in Kentucky, the states that embraced Obamacare are finding out it's working and cutting millions of uninsured.  Even Republican governors are signing up now.  First, Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett, now Michigan's Rick Snyder.

The rest will follow.


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