Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hood Rats

When it comes to 1) firearms and 2) sweatshirts with hoods on them, guess which one Oklahoma Republicans want to regulate to the point of making illegal?

Oklahoma lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill this February that would make it illegal to wear hooded sweatshirts, or “hoodies,” in public, according to a report from Oklahoma’s Channel 6 News.

Republican Senator Don Barrington will introduce the bill, which would make it a misdemeanor to “wear a mask, hood, or covering” either while committing a crime or in order to intentionally conceal one’s identity. If the bill is passed, offenders would be subject to a fine of $50 to $500, and up to one year in jail. The ban would not affect mask-wearers on Halloween or at masquerade parties, nor would it apply to people who wear head coverings for religious purposes.

The bill’s purpose is seemingly to deter crime. As Channel 6’s report notes, robberies caught on surveillance camera often show the perpetrator wearing a mask or hoodie to cover his or her face. With the bill’s language only prohibiting wearing hoodies while committing a crime or to intentionally hide, supporters say the ban wouldn’t negatively affect people just trying to wear a sweatshirt in day-to-day life.

Others, however, have argued that bans on hoodies — no matter the intention — only serve to exacerbate problems with racial profiling. CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin took on the issue when an Indiana mall banned the garment in March:

“This is about the pretext of being able to stop young African-American males,” she said. “Hoodie is code for ‘thug’ in many places and I think businesses shouldn’t be in the business of telling people what to wear. The Fourteenth Amendment protects us from this.”

We're for small government.  Unless it's for black people, in which case criminalize every aspect of their lives.

Bonus points: under this legislation, who decides if a person is wearing a hoodie to "intentionally conceal" their identity?  Why, the cops, of course.


RepubAnon said...

This sounds like one of those laws intended to give police an excuse to stop and question people. It also allows them to arrest anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask at a demonstration...

Somehow, I doubt it would be enforced against police officers who don riot gear hiding their faces and cover up their nametags at demonstrations to disguise their identities before engaging in the unlawful use of force...

worldemoc said...

This is the most Asinine Idea I think I have ever heard as a proposed law in all my fifty plus years as an American!!!
I wear a Hoodie if it's cold out or to shade my head from the sun maybe! I'll be damn if I'd submit to a Law Enforcement Official fining or putting me in jail for trying to keep my head warm as I walk across the street! Get a Life You SOBs that like to Step On Your Fellow Man !!!!!

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