Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last Call For Tone Police

If there's any hard and fast truism in dealing with the Politics of The Perpetually Aggrieved in the Age Of Obama, it's that any conversation with the Perpetually Aggrieved involving race invariably ends with "Your implication that I may be racist is far worse than any actually racist things I may have done or said."  Once the game reaches that point, it then immediately ends with "You're the REAL racist!" and then endless outrage until the process is repeated.

Exhibit A in this game is Pittsburgh Police Chief  Cameron McLay.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Most likely this picture of McLay here saying that he will challenge racism at work and end white silence could cost him his job.

The picture of the chief holding the sign set off the Pittsburgh Police union.

FOP President Howard McQuillan told KDKA’s Marty Griffin: “The chief is calling us racists. He believes the Pittsburgh Police Department is racist. This has angered a lot of officers.”

Police Chief Cameron McLay released the following statement about the allegations:

“I was hired to restore the legitimacy of the police department. I did not seek these young activists out. I was stopping for coffee at First Night. Their message is not anti-anybody. It is simply a call for awareness. The photo was a great, spontaneous moment in time. Please join dialogue for community healing.”
Sources tell Griffin that McLay has been called to a meeting at City Hall regarding the photograph.

Police officers were so outraged by the photo, they thought it was photoshopped, but the police chief confirmed it was real.

A source of Marty Griffin’s inside the Mayor Bill Peduto administration has called the photograph potentially very destructive, with no upside.

However Kevin Acklin, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, tells Ralph Iannotti, the mayor continues to support Chief McLay unequivocally in his efforts to improve dialogue between police and the community at large.

For now Chief McLay has the backing of the Mayor, but something tells me that's not going to last very long and the Chief will have to resign.  Which is a shame.  America should be backing Cameron McLay 100% because he's right.

But the Perpetually Aggrieved will most likely collect another scalp.


West_of_the_Cascades said...

I hope Chief McLay keeps his job - the FOP statement is so ridiculously off-the-mark that the vast majority of the public (and any reasonable police officer) isn't going to buy it. The sign says that white people should end their silence and challenge racism at work, when it happens. It doesn't say that it always happens, or that everyone in the Pittsburgh Police Department is racist, or that the Chief is calling anyone racist. At some point, these police union nitwits are going to overplay their hands and lose some of these ridiculous fights they're picking -- and when they do, they'll look like the thin-skinned, perpetually-whining assholes that some of them are, and people will stop paying attention to them.

Richmond, CA police chief Chris Magnus stood with protesters there last month -- -- not only hasn't he lost his job, he's earned praise from the community for taking a stance.

HaHaCarterOff said...

no one is more perpetually aggreived than the dumb niggers of twitter. what won't you be outraged about? stupidest shit ani difranco, some 9 year old millionaire cunt, glenn greenwald, occupy, a bisexual man...the list is never ending and as fultile as it is ever-present. here's your first clue. the civil rights movement happened when prosperity, the prospect thereof, and the middle class were growing and becoming inclusive. it was a prevailing sentiment of don't let them fuck it up for me. totally opposite of what is going on now. so yes you are stupid bigoted self-defeating outrage junkie, emobot, bitter jealous, queer hating, pack-running bullies. the utter shite of society.

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