Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Call For The Mask Slips

...And Republicans tell the truth about their plan to punish a generation of Democratic voters.  Todays contestant is Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal, who admits that Republicans want to take affordable health care away from millions.

“I don’t think conservative health care reform is about, we’re going to compete with [the left] in terms of how many people we see have an [insurance] care,” he said. “That not the ultimate goal.”

He later elaborated, “If we start with the premise that we’ve gotta give every single person a card, and that’s the only way we can be successful, we’re done. We’ve adopted their metric of success…if the metric of success is gonna be which plan can say ‘we’ve given people more cards,’ they always win. Because they will always spend more, they will always disrupt more.”…

He also put it this way: “I do think it’s a mistake if we argue we can’t take back what Obama has already given.”

So there you have it.  Jindal is a sitting Governor who actively admit the plan is to punish his own constituents for the criminal act of being poor in a state like Louisiana.  And as long as Republican voters are convinced that Obamacare is a costly handout from a black President to those people then he's right:  what political damage will any Republican candidate incur by saying "I promise to hurt poor minorities"?

The second Republican buy into the notion that government should help the people instead of the one percent, they lose.

And they know it.  Better to keep the people angry, poor, and unhealthy.  After all, without affordable health care, if they die, they're no longer Bobby Jindal's problem, are they?  And millions will go along because they figure there's no way Republicans like Jindal would ever take away their government benefits and health care.

They're wrong of course.  But it's more fun to punish others, because Americans are mean, awful people who vote with the intent of being mean, awful people.  The rest of us gave up some time ago.  You have to look no further than last November to prove that.

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