Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rubin Sandwich And Whine

Chris Hayes is something of an earnest Boy Scout type and if anything he's unerringly polite to his guests, no matter how ridiculous they are and no matter how rude and obnoxious they may be towards him as a member of the "liberal MSNBC lamestream media".  But not even Hayes can get through 5 minutes with Jennifer Rubin without bursting into incredulous laughter at the prospect that President Obama should be negotiating the most favorable deal possible with Iranian leaders that Rubin simultaneously wants deposed through "regime change".

"What you do is present them with the same choice they had in 2003," Rubin says as she winds up towards her big plan. "Why did the mullahs stop enriching in 2003? Because they were scared to death they were going to lose the regime. We had just taken out Saddam Hussein. That is the only time they shut down their program. They only way we get them to peacefully give up their weapons if if they have a choice between regime survival and nuclear war."

Hayes at this point looks like he's suddenly discovered a flying giant marmot that knows Proust. "You're saying that the Iraq War brought the Iranians to the table?"

"It's FACT! I mean you can talk to you know, people in the region, you can talk to the Iranians, I don't think it's a fact in dispute. That's why they gave it up."

OK. Sure. Right.

"Should the US have a policy of regime change towards the Iranian regime?" he asks.

"Eventually, yes. Eventually, we should want evil regimes to listen to their people, to have free and fair elections, we should have supported the Green Revolution, again that was Hillary Clinton's part..."

Chris Hayes by now has had enough.  "How can you possibly have a policy of regime change and simultaneously negotiate with the regime the you officially want to change?"

"Well that's a little bit of a contradiction, but you know you should ask Hillary Clinton(?)..."

Hayes is using both hands by now.  "That's the whole contradiction!"

"...why she gave the Green Revolution short shrift, we really should have supported them."

"I am glad, I am genuinely glad you admitted that we should have a regime change policy towards Iranian regime..." he laughs, unable to continue the conversation with this nutcase seriously any longer.

"Yes, absolutely!" she chimes in.

"...because there's so much disingenuous nonsense being spouted."

Thank you, Chris.

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Horace Boothroyd III said...

Hayes at this point looks like he's suddenly discovered a flying giant marmot that knows Proust.

Thanks for that, I haven't laughed so hard all week.

As to Rubin, every sane person knows that Iran wound down its nuclear program when it became clear that Iraq - the great regional enemy - was no longer an imminent threat. Timeline is the same, maybe even the underlying causes are the same, but the interpretations and inferences are radically difference. It's like talking about my bete noir, Cal Thomas: the man can be an incisive observer of the America scene, yet his conclusions tend to be warped and his prescriptions batshit insane.

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