Thursday, March 12, 2015



Scopedog said...

The sad thing is that this GOP plan to attack Hillary and make her radioactive and toxic in the minds of Americans--thus ensuring a GOP sweep in 2016--has also fooled a good chunk of folks on our side. Go read the comments on Raw Story or Smirking Chimp--there's a fair amount of angry ones that follow the "Hillary bad/Snders-Warren good/not voting for any Dem" template.

Once again, we fell for the GOP's trickery. I dread that 2016 may play out like 2000--but I will admit that Senators Sanders and Warren are not prone to ego-driven nonsense like Ralph Nader was.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Raw Story is the bilge into which especially credulous simpletons drain after they have embarrassed the ordinary hysterical ninnies beyond the levels of stupidity and counter productivity tolerated at the Daily Kos. What a gang of drug addicts and homeopaths and antivaxxer goons.

In the abstract it's all kind of interesting. As a youth I believed that I had only friends on the Left, that we had our specific programs but that we all would come together to fight back the conservatives and the libertarians and the Republicans and the Birchers. For a brief moment, when Bush was actively destroying everything, it was possible to live that fantasy and to believe that we could defeat Evil and move together into the leftist utopia - except that it's total bullshit. The Naderites were not joking when they said there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The New Atheists are not joking when they say they want to destroy all religious people, the left Christians just as dead as the fundie Dominionists. If the Elwiors can't have Warren as the nominee, they will sit out the election and hope that the Republicans win so that the Democrats might be more respectful on the next go around.

Which means, as a practical lesson, that as much as we need an expansive coalition to win the electoral struggle we also need to run out the disruptor trolls when it becomes clear that they do more harm than good.

And the Smirking Chimp is such a f*cking joke I don't even have the heart to lob any vitriol their direction. All you have to do is utter the magickal incantation: Eric Zuesse and Ted Rall.

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