Monday, March 2, 2015

Schock And Flaw, Con't

More news organizations are taking a critical look at GOP Rep. Aaron Schock's hefty travel budget, often at taxpayer expense, as he continues to battle ethics and legal problems.  This time it's the Chicago Sun-Times with news that Schock took a private plane to a Chicago Bears game, among other "expenses".

Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., used taxpayer money to pay for a private plane to travel from Peoria to Chicago for the Bears-Vikings game on Nov. 16, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

And a Sun-Times examination of House disbursement records and campaign finance reports suggests that Schock used taxpayer money to help underwrite a September trip to New York, where a political action committee he controls spent $3,000 for Global Citizen Festival concert tickets

The use of $20,855 in taxpayer money for the Chicago and New York trips will raise more legal and ethical issues for Schock.

These new Sun-Times revelations are part of a growing number of questions surrounding Schock’s use of campaign and government funds to support his extravagant jet-set lifestyle.

Schock hired two lawyers last week to conduct an internal audit of his operations. That action was triggered by the enormous scrutiny Schock is getting following his “Downton Abbey” office redecoration in Washington.
Pretty sure Schock's problem is that he needs to cook his books better.  But it's hard playing charte jet tag with the one percenters in Congress.  He has to look like he belongs if anyone's going to take him seriously.

Sadly, being crooked and not being able to lie about it very well pretty much disqualifies him from being a member of Congress, does it not?  We like our liars to at least be competent ones.

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