Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Call For Iran Across The Finish Line

We've got proof that the Obama/Kerry Iran deal is a serious diplomatic breakthrough of historic proportions, mainly because Charles Krauthammer loathes it.

Taken together, the catalog of capitulations is breathtaking: spot inspections, disclosure of previous nuclear activity, gradual sanctions relief, retention of nonnuclear sanctions.

What’s left? A surrender document of the kind offered by defeated nations suing for peace. Consider: The strongest military and economic power on earth, backed by the five other major powers, armed with what had been a crushing sanctions regime, is about to sign the worst international agreement in U.S. diplomatic history.

How did it come to this? With every concession, Obama and Kerry made clear they were desperate for a deal.

And they will get it. Obama will get his “legacy.” Kerry will get his Nobel. And Iran will get the bomb.

Sure.  Just like we had to go to war to prevent Saddam Hussein from getting the bomb, remember that?

It would be funny except for the fact that he's remained gainfully employed by the Washington Post despite a 13 year track record of idiocy about foreign policy.  None of Krauthammer's dire predictions came true about Iraq, and none of the benefits of invasion were ever found.  Hell, more than a dozen years later we're still dealing with the aftermath.

Invading Iraq was the greatest diplomatic mistake of our time, and Krauthammer used his position to push for it.

Why would anyone listen to this fool now?


RepubAnon said...

But if we don't invade Iran, how can we justify a war with China after they start trading anti-carrier ballistic missiles to Iran in exchange for oil (and start an oil bourse in Renminbi)?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Kerry receiving a Nobel Prize would be pretty cool, as would the sight of Krauthammer stroking out when he shares it with Ali Khamenei.

Scopedog said...

And it would put the kibosh on the claims from some on our side of the fence that President Obama reeaallly wants to nuke Iran on orders from Israel. I know it sounds insane, but we are talking about comments and pieces seen on Common Dreams, Truthout, Truthdig, Smirking Chimp....

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Those insane clowns already think he authorized that Saudi nuke the coalition task force dropped Yemen, breaching the so-called nuclear taboo. At times like this, I really really wish I were only joking. On the bright side, Zuesse has dialed back on his claims of leaked insider high level policy memos indicating a limited nuclear war to commence in Ukraine in a week or three; progress of a sort, one supposes.

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