Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last Call For The Iowa Border Wars

Trump is the unalloyed rage of the GOP, and his supporters are nothing more than a mob.  Even in a state like Iowa.

Round them up, nearly half of likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers say. 
Forty-seven percent say it's a good idea to gather up an estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally and send them to their home country. 
Among Donald Trump supporters, nearly three-fourths (73 percent) say so. 
But among all the other Iowans who support the other 16 candidates, just 40 percent say rounding up immigrants here illegally is a good approach. A plurality, 45 percent, say it is a bad idea. 
"That's what they do when they find Americans that are illegal in their country — they either send them back or throw them in jail," said poll respondent Walter Allsup, a 58-year-old retired musician from Keokuk. "We're crazy to let people come in and do anything they want like that." 
Allsup added: "Race has nothing to do with it. I'm totally blind. I can't tell what color they are anyway. ... I don't care if they're from Liechtenstein."

It's not racism, just going into where people and families live in the middle of the night and rounding them up like cattle to ship them off.  There's nothing wrong with that if you're a Republican, and especially if you back The Donald, apparently.

But still Iowans, your neighbors think this is a good idea, at least a healthy chunk of the Republican ones do.  After all, angry folks have to blame somebody, and "illegal immigrants" are always a fun choice.

So who will they want to round up after that, you have to wonder.

The problem is that there are other Republicans running for offices other than President in 2016. Republicans are trying to hold on in the Senate and it's looking worse and worse for their chances because of Trump.

Lichtenstein was not available for comment.

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