Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Call For The Walkering Dead (Final)

Me, Sunday before last:

Rick Perry was only the first Republican to get crushed by the Trump/Carson/Fiorina revolt of GOP primary voters against Republicans who have actually held public office and failed to annihilate America's liberals while doing so. Looks like the next domino to fall may very well be Scott Walker.

Me, last Wednesday:

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker (currently polling around two percent in the primaries) is going all in on destroying America's unions in order to save his collapsing campaign.

Me, yesterday, as Scott Walker polled at 0.5% in the most recent post-CNN debate poll:

Walker behind Christie and Santorum, deep in the Kiddie Pool and drowning. Like Rick Perry, it's only a matter of time before he exits the race...

Schadenfreude, today:

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination and plans to drop out of the 2016 campaign, according to three Republicans familiar with his decision, who spoke on condition of anonymity. 
Mr. Walker called a news conference in Madison at 6 p.m. Eastern time. 
“The short answer is money,” said a supporter of Mr. Walker’s who was briefed on the decision. “He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.” 
Mr. Walker’s intended withdrawal is a humiliating climb down for a Republican governor once seen as all but politically invincible. He started the year at the top of the polls but has seen his position gradually deteriorate, amid the rise of Donald J. Trump’s populist campaign and repeated missteps by Mr. Walker himself.

By the way, all the pundits who thought Perry and Walker would be in the race longer than Trump, please put your badge in the box here on the way out the door.

And now the bad news:  Wisconsin, like Texas, doesn't have term limits, so Walker can run again for Governor in 2018.  I'm betting he will.

The Walkering Dead will almost certainly return in the future...

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