Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last Call For A Member Of Club Wrong

Yet another reason why more liberals need to be involved in local politics and especially school boards: otherwise, they get infested with horrible theocratic bigots.

A North Carolina K-12 charter school has caved to parents and shut down all student clubs over concerns about the inclusion of a student LGBT group.
The Daily Courier reported that parents and other members of the community “blindsided” the Lake Lure Classical Academy board of directors at a meeting on Friday after a students formed the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Club.

On grandmother reportedly complained to the board that she would have to explain the meaning of “gay” and “lesbian” to her grandchild because of the club.

Another citizen told the board since it is a public school it has the ability to do away with the club,” The Daily Courier noted. “He said he did not have a child at Lake Lure, but if he did he would take them out immediately. He said the only diversity the school needs is the Bible.”

As long as "Christians" like this continue to run out politics because the rest of us are too busy to give a damn, then they'll continue to be in charge. These are wingnuts who would rather see all clubs shut down rather than be exposed to those people.

Lake Lure Baptist Church Pastor Anton Roos warned that attendance at the school would dwindle if the LGBT club was allowed to continue.

Roos said that it was unfair that the “Raptors for Christ Club” was not allowed to hang posters in the school but he said that the LGBT club was allowed to kick off with an “advertising campaign.” And the pastor asserted that, Layne Long, the teacher who sponsored the LGBT students, should be disciplined.

This [LGBT] club was put together by a teacher and I would like to know what action was taken against her,” Roos said. “We are in a time in which you as a board need to take a stand. We have entrusted [School Director Jessica Boland] with our children and you have failed them.”

To recap, the point of a school board in 2015 is to punish those educators who disagree with the board.

Got it.

Think maybe you should look into the school board where you live, yet?

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