Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Last Call For...Oh, What's The Use

Voters in Kentucky elected Republican Matt Bevin as governor Tuesday.

Bevin beat Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway. Unofficial results from the Kentucky State Board of Elections had Bevin beating Conway 52.11 percent to 44.19 percent with 110 of 120 counties reporting Tuesday night.

Conway conceded defeat in an election night speech, saying "tonight was not the result that we had hoped for, but it is a result that we accept." Conway said he called Bevin and wished him well.

Bevin, a tea party favorite, has opposed the expansion of Medicaid in the state under the Affordable Care Act. Conway supports expansion of the program.

Bevin said he would replace the Medicaid expansion with another program by using a federal waiver. "Nobody's losing anything," Bevin told NBC News in an interview Monday.

He's lying, of course.  "Another program" means the end of Kynect, the end of Medicaid expansion, and 400,000 people now having to get a federal exchange plan from healthcare.gov next year.

And once the GOP finishes off the Dems in the KY House next year, Medicaid goes the way of Texas and Kansas here and becomes a block grant program, and even more people will be kicked off because they will no longer qualify.

These are the people that voted to wreck the state.  Maybe 14% of voters, because turnout was maybe 27%.

These are the counties that benefited from Medicaid expansion the most.  Some of them had 20% plus uninsured rates.  After Kynect, some of those same counties dropped to under 5% uninsured.

Most of these counties voted for Bevin, some of them, by 40-50%.  A few voted for Conway, and Louisville and Lexington.

Welcome to Bevinstan.

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