Wednesday, November 4, 2015

StupidiNews, Election Central Edition!

Well, it's official, Matt Bevin is our new governor here.

Over the river in Ohio, legalized marijuana lost by more than 30 points as voters soundly rejected the plan for ten approved growing sites, as opponents call the measure an illegal monopoly.  However, a ballot issue to allow a non-partisan committee to redraw Ohio House districts won handily.

In Houston, Texas, the city's HERO non-discrimination ordnance lost by 25 points after the Texas Supreme Court invalidated the law and forced a ballot vote of the measure passed 11-6 last year by the City Council and outgoing Mayor Annise Parker.

San Francisco voters failed to ban short-term housing rentals, which would have put hometown startup Airbnb out of business in the city, and Washington State passed a measure banning the sale of endangered animal parts in the state.

In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant easily won re-election by more than 30 points over an unknown Democratic challenger, while a ballot measure to force the state to fully fund educational spending levels established nearly 20 years ago failed by 4 points.

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