Monday, December 14, 2015

Incendiary Rhetoric

When it comes to terrorist attacks on American soil, I'm not afraid of Muslims or refugees from the Middle East, I'm afraid of white guys with Molotov cocktails.

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a Minnesota man they say firebombed a Somali restaurant in Grand Forks. 
Still at large as of Sunday was Matthew W. Gust, 25, of East Grand Forks, police said.
Around 2 a.m. Tuesday, firefighters responded to Juba restaurant in the 2000 block of S. Washington Street and put out the blaze within 20 minutes. 
No one was hurt by the fire inside Juba Coffee House and Restaurant, and damage was estimated at $90,000. Authorities quickly determined that the fire’s origin was suspicious. 
Police have yet to address a motive behind the arson, but it occurred it occurred days after a Nazi-style symbol was painted on the restaurant exterior above the words “go home.” The FBI is also investigating the incident.

Gust was charged Friday in Grand Forks District Court with arson. Prosecutors allege that a 40-ounce beer bottle with gasoline was thrown through the restaurant’s window.

Here's the guy:


I see a whole lot of people who look like this more than I see Somali restaurant owners on a daily basis.  When do we start pulling over and profiling Gen Y white guys, anyway?

They're dangerous, you know.

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