Monday, December 14, 2015

Republcan Road Rage

Meanwhile, in the Land of Patriots...

A former Pennsylvania police chief infamous for his profane video rants — punctuated by gunfire — against “libtards” has been arrested on harassment and terrorist threat charges. 
Mark Kessler was charged last week on one misdemeanor count of harassment in connection with an Aug. 19 confrontation with a Frackville borough councilman at a supermarket checkout, reported the Standard Speaker
Kessler accused the other man, William Creasy, of talking about his daughter, and he said the former Gilberton police chief shoved him in the chest and wagged a finger in his face, police said. 
“You better watch your back, I know where you live,” Kessler allegedly told the man.
Creasy said the former officer also pestered him with slanderous emails, and he worried that Kessler might harm him or his family. 
Prosecutors charged Kessler with misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with an Aug. 22 confrontation outside a drug store.

Who watches the watchmen, indeed.

Because the angriest people in the country don't appear to be Syrian refugees or Muslims or black folks or women getting abortions, ya know?

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