Thursday, December 10, 2015

Speculation Nation

It's too early to tell what the motive for Colorado Springs shooter Robert Dear really was, I mean it's not like the guy is going to tell the world he's guilty and that he shot up the Planned Parenthood clinic there because of the really reprehensible series of debunked videos claiming the organization sold dead babies for profit.

Robert L. Dear Jr. was charged with 179 counts on Wednesday, including first-degree murder, in connection with the deadly shooting rampage last month at a Planned Parenthood clinic. 
Bearded, unkempt and cuffed at the legs and arms, Mr. Dear frequently disrupted the proceedings in state court here, shouting out declarations of anger and defiance. 
“I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies,” he yelled at one point. “Let it all come out. The truth!” he yelled at another. 
As Judge Gilbert A. Martinez discussed a pretrial publicity order, Mr. Dear shouted: “Could you add the babies that were supposed to be aborted that day? Could you add that to the list?” 
It was the first in-person appearance in court for Mr. Dear since his arrest on Nov. 27 after the attack on the clinic, which left three people dead and nine wounded. He was arrested by the police after a tense, hourslong, nationally televised standoff.

No, we may never know the motive behind this.  Meanwhile, back to your regularly scheduled dose of daily fearmongering against Muslims, black people, Latinos, LGBTQ people, and anybody else who isn't a real "Murican.

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